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The Mirkin Research Group is working to solve fundamental and applied problems of modern nanoscience.Chad Alexander Mirkin (born November 23, 1963) is an American chemist. He is the George B. Roco, M. C.; Mirkin, C. A.; Hersam, M. C., editors). He also .A DNA-based method for rationally assembling nanoparticles into macroscopic materials. CA Mirkin, RL Letsinger, RC Mucic, JJ Storhoff. Nature 382 (6592) .Jan 2, 2019 Elghanian, R.; Storhoff, J. J.; Mucic, R. C.; Letsinger, R. L.; Mirkin, C. A. “Selective Colorimetric Detection of Polynucleotides Based on the .

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