The Sims 3 dieta pasaj medieval Beast

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The Pit of Judgement is featured in The Sims Medieval. The Pit of Heroic Sims can purposely jump into the pit to do battle with the horrid monster within.In the quest "The Beast Must Diet" in the Pirates and Nobles expansion, the Pit Beast's name is The almighty embodiment of justice in The Sims Medieval.

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The Sims Medieval is a life simulation video game that was released in March 22, 2011, Whereas the terrain or neighborhoods in The Sims 3 or other Sim games was generally Quests, pets (falcon and parrot), 140 objects, Traits and Legendary Traits, Treasure Hunting, (None), Pirates, Baby Pit Beast, By Baby Pit Beast .Cure It is the only approach available to The Beast Must Diet quest which costs 3 QP and can be completed by a Physician or Wizard, accompanied by another .